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Jarrod Feisst |
when I was reading your story tears filled up my eyes. Was it the fact Zachary you were a helpful brother / son, the fact you were taken from this earth too early or the fact you talked about what a donor is with your mum. All I do know is you helped other people with another chance at life and for that I salute you.
RIP Zachary kaha stay strong to your mum and dad and siblings.
30 April 2015 - Huntly New Zealand

Marcus Arnesen |
Our precious little man you are not forgotten and your memory lives on in the lives of those you touched. I often think of you, cry for you and still think how unfair this hand is that was dealt. Can't wait to meet you in heaven Zachary James Hide. Love you and miss you always. Uncle Muncle.
18 March 2014 - Perth, Australia

Johanna Farquhar
Hello, I do not know you or your family, but managed to come across this beautiful page. As I read your story out loud to my flatmate the tears flowed. We both have younger brothers the age of Zachary and can not imagine the heart ache you have been through. Your words are very touching, all the best.
17 October 2013 - Wellington, New Zealand.

Webmaster comments   Thank you Joanna

Rachel |
Was thinking about you Zac and thought I'd pop in to share the thoughts. Send your Mum & siblings strength to get through yet another Christmas without you. You are loved and missed dearly. To Lyds & family, as always you are in my thoughts. Much love, Rachel.
19 December 2011 - Tauranga

Carianne |
Every time I read this account the tears fall quickly. I can't imagine how your mum must feel every day. What a special boy you are,.here just for a small passage of time but memories of you will never fade. It is true, that saying: gone but not forgotten. You live on in your mother's heart,.in the smile of your sweet siblings. Rest in peace X
12 November 2011 - The Netherlands

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