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Rachel Blennerhassett
Happy 13th Birthday Zachary. And Happy 4th Anniversary Lydia & David.
Thinking of you all, love you heaps.
26 November 2007 - Tauranga

Lydia and Family
Our hearts are with you as they are always and Zachary you are a beautiful angel.
All our love Edwina, Craig, William and
Thomas xoxoxoxo
16 November 2007 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Hi there lovely family across the tasman...we had a great turn-out, to remember Zachary's 5th anniversary...it was a celebration of his life...he now has a headstone and we wanted to add that he was a giver of life, even after his death... Wishing you all the best, have a lovely Christmas and New Year...we shall be thinking of you, as always...love to you all, Edwina, Craig, William, Thomas...and extended family...Love Lydia

Marilyn & Megan Pinkerton |
It was good to read the story about Zacharys life he had such a good life in his 7years & the life he gave to others our heart goes out to you Lydia for been a special MUM luv to Dave & the Kids
21 June 2007 - TE PUKE

Julie Hughes |
A beautiful boy belonging to a beautiful family. All our love, thoughts & hugs go out to Zacharys family. Jordan, what a wonderful story in the paper today. Lydia,my thoughts & tears were with you all, while reading this website. Such a beautiful boy. Hugs from Julz, Oliver, & Louise
20 June 2007 - Te Puke

Webmaster comments   Thanks Julie...your kind words and actions are always well received. :-)

Rachel (friend of Lydia's) |
Hi there. I've been thinking about you and the grief associated with your sudden death, so thought I'd honour those thoughts by leaving a message here. I hope you are well and happy in heaven Zak. Your family still miss you ever so much, you are forever in their thoughts and dreams and in their hearts. They keep your memory alive. Much love to Lydia, David and the children.
12 June 2007 - Tauranga, NZ

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