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karen Metcalf
I miss your cheekiness Zachary. Youve been on my mind for the last few days remembering the good times and the laughs.
15 November 2004 - Whangarei

Nicola Morgan |
What a handsome young fella. Zak when i see you i recognise the cheeky look in your eyes and the warmth in you which is your mum. Im sorry i never met you but i feel as though i've caught a glimpse of your life and how full it was. With heartfelt love to your family from ours. Nicola Morgan x
20 February 2004 - Brisbane, Australia

Mrs Wing |
Hi Zach.I have heard a lot of wonderful things about you from your mum.I'm now teaching Kimberley and it's great to know that you are watching over us. Your mum is a wonderful lady and you will forever be in her heart. Your story has touched me and some of the other teachers here at Fairhaven. We thank you for letting us be apart of your memory.
15 February 2004 - Te Puke

Lydia |
Hiya beautiful boy. Not long to go now to the anniversary of your accident and death. It's hard to believe that it has been nearly a year since you've been with us. I miss you my every waking moment.
1 November 2003 - New Zealand

Rachel (friend of Lydia's)
I didn't have the opportunity to meet you Zak, but feel I know you from the stories your Mum has shared with me. To Lydia, Jordan, Kimberley, Brody and David, My deepest sympathy is with you today and always. You all keep Zak alive with your love and memories, he lives on in you all. Much love. Rachel.
16 September 2003 - Tauranga, NZ

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