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Aunty Philly
Time has passed, but the thought of you is always in my head. You are a special little dude, all of our children are such an important part of my life! When I think that I will not see you grow up like the others it breaks my heart. To my sis, the pain you must feel I cannot comprehend, as I sit here tonight and read Zak's story and comments for the first time the tears have not stopped rolling, the lump in my throat so hard I can't breathe. Yet this is a fraction of the grief you must go through!! I love you my darling sis. God bless you.xxx
21 May 2007 - Whangarei

Webmaster comments   Philly, you are a delight...thank you for your kind and caring nature, and the greatness that makes you, you!

Tere Hide |
Zachary's death affected me a lot. To lose one of your children, especially one so young. I remember a vibrant, delightful, intelligent young man.
Zachary, I will always remember you.
20 May 2007 - Whangarei

Zachary you are indeed an angel in heaven sweetheart and your precious gift that you have given other children has been honoured and much treasured here in australia your gift has given new life to one of my best friends little nephews .When tom recieved the special gift of life that you gave him i wondered to myself what it would be like being on the other side and in march 2003 i lost my brother peter to a brain anyerism it was one of the saddest days in my life .My heart goes out to your whole family and what you offered has given life to so many others as did that of my brother peter he was only 30 when he died.He too is an angel just like you .The little boy you helped in australia is a very beautiful little man just like yourself his family is a loving and caring family just like yours.You have given the greatest gift that one can ever give another, another opportunity in life just like my brother he too is in heaven with you. If u happen to run into him tell him his sister says hi and his 2 sons and we all miss him like your family misses you .My brother was a good guy and i am sure if you ever have a problem he will look after you .
19 May 2007 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Hi Melissa, thank you for leaving your message. I am so honoured to have your loving words and caring sentiment.

After more than 4 years I found this web site and my heart just sank. I really don't know what to say, please know that our love and thoughts are always with you and that will never change, for Zachary you are why we still have our beautiful little man Thomas, you are truly his angel, thankyou beautiful boy.
18 May 2007 - Australia

Webmaster comments   Hi Edwina...our email address is hideout@xtra.co.nz Please feel free to email us should you wish to. We would love to hear from you.

We love you always Zachary. Thinking of you.
Kisses in heaven.
4 October 2006 - Te Puke

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